Hi there!

My name is Marc Siepman. Since 2012, I only do things that give me energy. I do what I think needs to be done and I don’t bother asking for money for my work. People give me voluntary donations – people that are able and willing to support me financially can do so, but there is no pressure.


Since 2013 I’m giving about twenty free courses per year on soil fertility and systems thinking throughout The Netherlands and Flanders.


Since 2012 I’m giving lectures on soils. Since 2016 I’m also giving lectures about economy (moneyless thinking) and composting and since 2017 about systems thinking. All in all some thirty lectures a year. And, also since 2017, I offer a free online course on soils. It’s in Dutch, but I hope to offer it in English soon.

Translated books

I have translated two books into Dutch: Teaming with Microbes (by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis) and Building Soils Naturally (by Phil Nauta).

Suspended books

Inspired by suspended coffee, I introduced the suspended book: you can buy a book for someone else and if someone wants a book but has a shortage of money, I can give it for free.

If you want contact me, you may do so using mail@marcsiepman.nl. Most of the time I give my lectures in Dutch, but sometimes I also give them in English.

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